2014 Linking Website  –  Argentina.   Historically, was among the most popular Spanish language streaming link sites in the world.  However, in March 2014, the site was converted from a website offering high-quality streaming content to a landing page for a BitTorrent application entitled “Cuevana Storm” (“Storm”).  Despite this change in the service’s format, the new application provides access to similar content to users through a Cuevana API (hosted at, which appears to be the backbone of the entire application.  The list of available content, the metadata required for the application to access that content, and the application itself still appear  to  come  from Cuevana’s  services. However  instead of traditional streaming from cyberlockers,  Cuevana  Storm streams  video  content utilizing  BitTorrent technology. Storm is an open source project with its source code available on GitHub’s platform.  In late 2011, the MPAA’s members initiated a private criminal action against Cuevana’s operators in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due primarily to disputes among several Argentine courts as to which one properly has jurisdiction, the case has yet to make significant forward progress. is currently hosted by Google, Inc. in the U.S. 

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