2014 Cyberlockers  – New Zealand.    Launched  at  the  end of  2010 as, this site had quickly risen to become one  of the  most visited streaming  cyberlockers worldwide and re-launched as in February 2014. Although it has received  fewer  visitors  than  its previous domain, the site has  achieved  a global Alexa  rank of 648, and a  local rank of 1,448 in the U.S. had 6,609,391 unique visitors in August 2014 according to  comScore  World  Wide data.   Firedrive offers  “premium accounts” that enable users to download or stream content without the distraction of advertisements with unlimited amounts of storage.  This  site  is somewhat  unique  in that it offers  both streaming  and downloading  of significantly  large video files – upwards of five gigabytes  in size. Files found on Firedrive use piracy naming conventions that designate the quality of the infringing file and the release group responsible  for making  it  available. has identified about 7,503 websites linking  to Firedrive, continuing to suggest that Firedrive is one of the most popular sources of content for linking sites. Firedrive also operates popular cyberlocker  (global Alexa rank of 1,487),  which shares a similar user interface.   According to  NetNames’s  “Behind  the Cyberlocker Door” report, Putlocker generated approximately $5 million in  annual revenue, most of which comes from advertising.7   NetNames also reported that Putlocker generated additional revenue by offering users the option to install a “download manager” purported to reduce downloading times;  notably,  NetNames found that “installation o

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