2014 Linking Website – Romania., formerly, is a popular  streaming  linking site with a  current global Alexa  rank  of  711 and  a  rank of  872  in  the U.S.  had 11,038,451 unique visitors in August 2014, which was a 46% increase compared to August 2013, according  to comScore World Wide data. The site boasts: “We  are one of  the biggest  internet movie websites  today with free movies from years ago  to  the current date.”   The site organizes movies by genre, and lists  the number of movies it links to for each genre.  Currently, the site indicates it is linking to tens of thousands of copies of free movies.  The site’s operator registered and advertised the availability of alternate domains for accessing the website shortly after a series of domain seizures  by  the  U.S.  Department of Homeland Security  in 2011.  These  alternate domains include,, and    In 2012, the operator posted a lengthy  statement on the  website  in response to the shutdown  of several infringing websites associated with in Germany.  In the statement, the  operator proclaimed that copyright laws  are  outdated.   Variants of the site have been subject to blocking orders in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, and Malaysia. While  hosted  by Voxility  in Romania, went down in May 2013 and, almost  identical in design, launched just days after. Movie4k  utilizes a proxy server  by Akrino  Inc., which is located  in a  European data center, however the hosting provider utilizes a British Virgin Islands contact address. 

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