Rapidgator.net 2014 Cyberlockers

 Rapidgator.net – Russia.  Rapidgator.net has sustained its popularity during 2014.  The site has a global  Alexa  ranking of  611, and a  local  ranking of 1,066  in the U.S.  Rapidgator.net  had 11,856,500 unique visitors in August 2014 according to comScore World Wide data, and offers monetary rewards, which encourage uploaders to distribute popular content such as copyrighted movies and television programs as widely as possible.  Users who upload files are rewarded up to approximately $40 for every 1,000 downloads and  for  every  initial purchase  of a  premium membership, the user making  the referral is paid 50% of the sale.   Premium subscription plans are available for $12.99 a month,  allowing users to  avoid throttled download speeds and data- download limits. According to NetNames’s  “Behind the Cyberlocker Door”  report,6 Rapidgator.net  generated approximately $3.7 million in annual revenue, most of which comes from premium accounts.  ISPs in Italy were ordered by the  Court of Rome  to block Rapidgator.net in April 2013.  RapidGator.net is hosted by Netvillage Network in Russia.   

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