Xunlei 2014 Multi Platform

 Xunlei.com – China. Hosted in China by China Unicom with a global Alexa ranking of 1,385 and a local rank of 128 in China, Xunlei.com features a proprietary, high speed P2P file sharing system that distributes unauthorized copies of motion picture and television content. The system incorporates the website’s own desktop download manager with file formats unique to the system. Recently, Xunlei’s public service, Kankan, transitioned in format and now streams some authorized motion picture content. It also offers a “VIP Offline” service for a monthly fee. However, infringing content can be found with this service, which is downloaded by Xunlei from an external source and stored to its  servers for on demand viewing.    Despite executing a comprehensive content protection agreement with MPA earlier this year, there is no evidence that Xunlei has fulfilled its obligations and wide levels of infringement are still evident.  

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