Yyets.com 2014 Linking Website

 Yyets.com – China. Yyets  is the most popular dedicated download site for copyrighted content in China.  Yyets.com is regarded as a “hybrid link site” as it provides a wide range  of links available in many different styles, particularly the Xunlei and BitTorrent client.  It also offers Chinese subtitles for Western content, which is the most popular type of video content available.  An independent report commissioned by the MPAA found that Yyets.com provided links to 67 other popular sites in China. The site has a global Alexa rank of 3,607  and a rank of  292  in China.  Yyets.com had 1,829,052 unique visitors in August 2014 according to comScore World Wide data. The site is hosted by Xiancity Ipaddresspool in China

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